Into the Fire 2010

71-Into The Fire (2010) สมรภูมิไฟล้างแผ่นดิน

Into the Fire Oh Jang-beom is an South Korean student, is fighting in the Yeongdeok, North Gyeongsang Province battle during the Second World War. The 766th, 5th Division Korean People’s Army overtakes the city. Lieutenant Kim Jun-Seop is in charge of an army of South Korean soldiers who attempt to escape. The group is eventually reduced to Lieutenant. Kim, Jang-Beom. A North Korean shoots and bayonets the lieutenant. Jang-beom is overwhelmed with fear and inexperience, and cannot save him. They are spotted by South Koreans and managed to take one of the last vehicles from the town and take it to an emergency hospital in Pohang. In the hospital the lieutenant. Kim is pronounced dead and a smug Jang-beom is seated beside him. Into the Fire HD

Capt. Kang is given the order to Jang beom, one of three combat veterans to head the newly-established student soldier unit. Three young criminals under the leadership of Ku Kapjo, are part of the group and begin to destroy students’ food supply. As they continue to go on patrol, they are attacked and attacked by an KPA sniper. After disengaging, the students suffer heavy losses. The tragic incident shatters the students’ morale. Capt. Kang to ask to help, but the regular forces are confined to the Nakdong River. Kang asks his superiors to help him however they decline. Kang is permitted to leave, however they let him transport vehicles and a small group of South Korean soldiers to help the school.

Major Park Mu-Rang investigates Dal-Young who was one of the students taken prisoner by the 766th Unit. Mu-Rang is sorry for the student and asks him to go back to his school. He also plans to visit the school to assess the strengths of the pupils. Jang-Beom is informed by Mu-Rang that the group will take over the school in less than two hours. He promises to save the lives of his defenders by letting them raise a white flag. Kap-Jo defeats Jang Beom and fights him off before departing with his friend Chang-wu to collect the Pusan Peridometer. After leaving they come across an North Korean truck with weapons and other supplies stuck on a highway.

As Major Park is preparing for an attack, the other students are preparing to defend their schools by waving not a white flag, instead of the South Korean flag. The assault begins and the students are able to cause serious casualties to North Koreans but are eventually forced to withdraw. The North Korean supply truck, driven by Chang-wu, Kapjo and others, abruptly is roaring into. They cut their way through North Koreans and bring valuable heavy weapons to the students.

The 766th’s soldiers are able to enter the school under the protection of tanks and take out the majority of students. Jang-Beom, KapJo and others North Koreans fight their way to the roof , where they’ve installed machine guns. Jang-beom, Kapjo and others try to prevent the North Koreans from reaching the roof.

As Jangbeom and Kapjo are running out of ammunition Capt. Kang as well as the South Koreans arrive just as Jang-beom and Cap-jo are running out of ammunition. They take out the North Korean tank, and beat the North Korean infantry on the campus. Major Park arrives at the roof and kills Kapjo. Jang-beom has already exhausted due to his injuries and exhaustion. Park is exuberant as Jang-beom is silently loading his gun and fires at Park in the manner of Park himself. Later the Capt. Kang. Kang offers comfort to Jang-Beom while he suffers from injuries.

It was discovered that 48 out of the 71 students were killed during the defense of the school. Flashback A Army photographer snaps an image of the students as regular troops leave to Pusan. The remaining student soldiers look back on their experiences.